Whether you are setting up your first office or relocating an old one, our experienced team of consultants can help you meet those challenges. ExcelLinx Communications can help you setup your new office as far as Communications, security and Electrical work is concerned. However, we do have tie-ups with local and national partners who help our clients with the other stuff. Below are some of the guidelines one must keep in mind to plan for a new office.

1. Identify the variables like how much space is required, which is the preferred location, budget, etc.

2. Check if any legal issues restrict you to use the space or if any permissions/permits are required from local authorities.

3. Chalk out the layout and seating arrangements.

4. Identify the requirements to buy new furniture or restore old (in case of office being relocated). Check out employee requirements for new desks, chairs, couches, file cabinets, etc.

5. Consider financing options such as leasing when buying bulk furniture or IT equipment.

6. Identify requirements for incoming phone and fax lines. Schedule the provider technician ahead of your move date to avoid any delays.

7. Find out the phone system requirements, no of extensions, etc. (Phone system install).

8. Draw up a list of your IT requirements including Servers, Laptops, Tablets, printers. (IT Purchase)

9. Identify your telecom requirements, including the number of phone lines. (Structured Cabling).

10. Identify your Data connection requirements. (Data Cabling) Note: Sometimes people prefer to use single connection for both data and voice, carefully figure out the requirements for data only devices such as NMF printers.

11. Consider whether other services (e.g. Fax, photocopying) can be handled by your computer system, outsourced, or need dedicated equipment.(We can also help you to either buy or lease a photocpier machine, call us for more details)

12. Identify the electrical outlets close to the work desks and devices to be installed. Make sure they work on proper voltage as needed. (Electrical work)

13. Consider any security and surveillance requirements: for example, Security cameras, alarm system or additional locks on windows and doors. ( Access Control and Surveillance system)

14. Health and safety requirements should be carefully identified: for example, suitable furniture, adequate lighting and ventilation, first aid kit, fire extinguishers and exit signs and so on. Consider requirements to provide accessibilities facilities for those with disabilities.

15. Arrange decoration which creates a pleasant working environment; consider the impression which will be made on any visitors.

16. Purchase the basic office supplies and identify the one required to run a specific business.

17. Make sure you have proper insurance policies in place before moving in.

At ExcelLinx communications, we install all types of copper and fiber based cabling systems. Our expert crew members have tons of experience in designing, planning and building enterprise horizontal cabling systems.

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