In 2015 Microsoft announced the Creators Update for Windows 10 which would be released in early 2017. Since then much speculations were made and some of the leaks revealed many of the features set to be introduced via the update — but beyond everyone’s expectations, there’s a brand-new networking functionality winging its way to Windows 10. In December 2016, Microsoft hosted its annual WinHEC conference in Shenzhen, China where Windows Device Group’s Steve Dudgeon’s presentation revealed that the Creators Update will introduce support for the IEEE 802.11ad Wi-Fi protocol.

The protocol — better known as WiGig — allows devices to make wireless connections at multi-gigabit speeds. WiGig operates in the 60GHz spectrum, and can offer benefits in usage cases including high definition video streaming, virtual reality experiences, and wireless docking procedures. WiGig expands the Wi-Fi experience for virtual reality, multimedia streaming, gaming, wireless docking, and enterprise applications requiring high speed, data-intensive connections. WiGig allows Wi-Fi devices to access the uncongested 60 GHz frequency band with wide channels to transmit data efficiently at multi-gigabit per second speeds. Users benefit from expanded capacity and focused transmission between devices to reduce interference, even in crowded environments.

In slides accompanying Dudgeon’s presentation, the inclusion of support for the 802.11ad protocol is referred to as “future proof,” according to a report from MS Power User. It’s clear that Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 can get ahead of the game in terms of wireless networking by introducing WiGig compatibility in early 2017.

How does WiGig Perform?

WiGig was developed to deal with high-speed requirements for formats such as HDTV, which generally requires a 3-Gbps speed. WiGig is projected to offer a speed of up to 25 GBps, a major speed improvement, by operating in the 60-GHz range. One of the drawbacks of this system is a shorter range because of the frequency spectrum that is used.

WiGig will add a new chapter in the world of wireless communications. It’ll change the way how we interact with our devices and will transform the whole generation of devices into something we can’t imagine how seamlessly will homogenize with our lives. WiGig is still in its nascent stage, and is still beyond the reach of many small businesses. But there will be devices, sooner than we expect which will traverse the unfathomed extremity of wireless communications.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is scheduled to launch in spring 2017, but we still don’t have an exact date. Microsoft hasn’t released a new preview build to members of the Insider program in over a month, owing to a now-resolved problem with the update path.

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