Cable Organizers AND FLOOR TRACKS


Cable Organizers, floor tracks or wirelmold systems are used to conceal different cables like communications, security and other low voltage cables in a cost -effective manner. Excellinx communications can help in supplying and installing such products for different needs. From small plastic wiremold to wooden floor tracks we have all the solutions to cater to your needs.

These floor tracks can be used to give an aesthetic look to your boardrooms or meeting rooms while cables run underneath the carpet tiles combined with wire way flanked by sloping floor transition ramps.

We also deal in
Supply and installation of Cable ladders, J hooks, Wire trays, flex trays for server rooms and communication racks.
Connectrack in-carpet wireways
J-hooks installation toronto
Cable trays installations
Hammond manufacturing network cabinet installation
RF MOTE APC network cabinets installation
Connectrac on-floor wiremold
PVC Conduits
EMT Conduits
Spiral wireways
Flex trays
Cable Organizers Toronto

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