Sound Masking and Speech Privacy Systems

Sound Masking and Speech Privacy Systems

What is Sound Masking?
Sound Masking is the addition of an unstructured sound to an environment that fills in the sound spectrum and makes the structured sound of human speech less intelligible. Usually it’s an unintrusive sound like airflow, similar to a typical modern HVAC system.

Why use Sound Masking?
It’s too noisy, It’s too quiet. People are overhearing my private conversations. These common complaints are indications of a sound problem due to poor workplace acoustics. All can be addressed with a custom Sound Masking System Installation.

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Common Misunderstandings
Where to Put Sound Masking SystemsSound masking is often misunderstood. Two very common misunderstandings are that sound masking is the same thing as noise cancellation. This isn't true. Another common misunderstanding is that you put the sound masking where the offending sound is coming from. This also isn't true.

The ROI of Sound Masking
It’s no secret that distracted workers cost your business money. It’s a subtle leak that virtually every business has, and according to BASEX studies, it costs businesses like yours an estimated $587 billion. On the other hand, by making simple and inexpensive improvements to your offices’ acoustics, you can realize dramatic productivity increases with the workers you already have.

Curious just how dramatic these gains could be? Use ROI Calculator to find out.

How Much Will Privacy Cost Me?
There are a number of ingredients to help you achieve your privacy goals, and each "privacy recipe" should be tailored to your environment and budget. Whether you're treating a small office or an entire facility, one thing is clear: it's a small investment for the very real and measurable ROI gains you'll realize!
In an ideal world where cost was not a factor, you'd employ elements of all three of the ABCs and crank your Privacy Index score up somewhere near 100%. However, cost does matter, so the trick is to maximize your Privacy Index score while minimizing the cost. Starting with the right sound masking system as a Covering solution and acoustic panels to contribute to sound absorption and blocking will give you the "most bang for your buck."

This is the best place to start. Then, if additional privacy is still needed, other costlier options can be employed.

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