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Whether you are planning to move your existing office or building a new one, there are few things regarding data cabling infrastructure that you don’t want to miss on. Businesses generally don’t take into consideration budget and timeline requirements for structured cabling while planning for the office move. In fact, planning for communication infrastructure is imperative too. At Excellinx Communications we take pride in executing each project using most advanced management tools so our customers can experience seamless and hassle free transition. Below are some of the steps that should be considered while planning for structured cabling at existing or new locations.


1. Site Survey and Consultation First thing on your checklist is to arrange site walk with reliable structured cabling partner. At Excellinx Communications we do provide a site survey free of cost along with our initial consultation which is free as well. You should arrange a time to do a site walk with an expert to figure out if existing cabling can be used or everything need to be rewired again. Sometimes, you can save a lot on having the old connections tested and recertified.
2. Floor plans and drawings Make sure you get upgraded drawings from the property managers or your engineering department. Floor plans needs to be carefully examined in order to determine number of data and voice outlets required in the building. Excellinx Communications can help you get computer generated drawings.
3. Schedule with service providers This part is quite important but often managers get delayed in contacting service providers for move/install date which could add to delays. Service providers can take up to 8-12 weeks to schedule a move. Install date should be scheduled as soon you have possession of the building or at least when telecom rooms are ready to get the phone/Internet lines.
4. Planning MDF and IDF Main Distribution Frame is the distribution point for all the horizontal cabling within the local area network. Always select a room that is big enough not only for your current requirements but it should leave some space for future growth. Room should be able to accommodate at least one more rack for scalability. It’s always better to look for a MDF room which is closer to the most data connections to avoid longer cable runs. Location of MDF should be ascertained strategically to avoid having need of any other distribution frame (IDF). However, sometimes it’s not possible to have a single distribution point to cover the complete area. Effort should be made to minimize the number of distribution frames which can reduce the cost significantly. Once the locations for MDF and IDFs have been ascertained, the next step would be to plan the setup. MDFs for bigger networks are generally assigned a separate room (IT room or server room) but IDFs could be a secure wall mounted cabinet. It depends on the number of drops getting into the IDF.
5. What cable to use? One should decide on the installation of Cat5e vs Cat6 for horizontal cabling and either Copper or Fiber for the main uplinks between distribution points. Our experts can help you figure out which cable will be best suited based on your requirements and coverage area. For more details about the specifications of data cables, read our blog
6. Wireless requirements Every business needs mobility in their workplace environment. Extensive growth of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, rising trend of BYOD in commercial establishments has elevated the needs of wireless networks. People working in warehouses use handheld scanners while executives in office environment need to connect multiple devices. To cater to the needs to users and high bandwidth requirements of today’s business applications, executing a wireless survey is very important. Wireless surveys or commonly called RF Survey is done to figure out number of Access points required and their exact locations. This calculation is based on certain factors like coverage area needed, average number of users, type of material stored in warehouses, etc. Read more about "Advantages of wireless connectivity" At Excellinx Communications, We have successfully designed and implemented various wireless networks to provide users with an unmatched speeds and reliable connectivity. We do thorough planning before installations, execute RF survey to ensure desired coverage, install Access points at the designated areas and finally do a complete assessment to eliminate the possibility of any dead spots.
7. Plan for any upgrades in advance Any new IT equipment to be procured or a major upgrade like Phone system needs to be planned way ahead of time. Planning the communication infrastructure will largely depend on any new upgrades needed. Excellinx Communications can help you with the Phone system upgrade whether its VOIP, hosted, digital or analog.
8. Go live Regularly discuss the timelines and progress of the events happening with the GC and PMs. Be prepared for any last minute surprises and keep a day or two as a contingency when deciding on Go Live date.
9. Physical move Always hire professional movers who have experience with moving IT Racks and Server rooms. We have succesfully completed such projects within timelines and budgets. We are partners with professional movers who have all the resources and equipment to make your transition as smooth as silk. We manage the project right from the start to finish, dismount stuff to be relocated, tag them and then install the stuff once our movers move the stuff safely to its final destination. When it comes to setting up a new office or relocating existing one, we are the leaders. We can manage the whole project and make sure a smooth transition.

Based in Toronto we offer Structured Cabling services in and around Toronto Ontario and major cities across Canada. We offer services in Network cabling, Structured Data and voice cabling and Network Wiring. We also help customers in restructuring or organizing cable mess in the server rooms. Cabling crews at ExcelLinx Communications are accredited with industry recognized certifications and experienced to handle all communication devices and applications, such as voice, data, video, VOIP and Security and CCTV Camera systems. Our core expertise in designing data cabling systems means that our solutions pay for themselves many times over their lifetime.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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